News for the week of June 7th~!
Kojika at 11:34PM, June 8, 2009
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Wee, just a tad later than usual this week, but still on track~! I've had an interesting weekend for technology crashing, but I was able to get these done despite that, so all's good that ends well. Or however you say that. I'm a tad tired, since it's like after 1 am, lol.

My little sister had her commencement today…congratulations to her~! She's finally out of highschool, and my older sister and I both graduated from college with our Bachelor's…it's been a big year for my entire family ^^;

We reached 300+ (302) pages this week~! <3 Thanks everyone for reading that much of it, wow O.O

Btw, I FINALLY remembered to put the ZK game up on the main site. It's in the multimedia section on there, if you're interested. That's all I got for tonight though, ciao~!
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konstan_tina99 at 6:20PM, June 14, 2009
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oh my a new page!
btw: i downloaded the game XD it was lots of fun to play…i lost but still XDD
Konstan_tina99 :P YAY!
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