News for the week of of May 24th~!
Kojika at 7:21PM, May 28, 2009
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Well, I managed to do a three page update this week, despite the con, so that I could get caught back up for the week I missed. Well, I am now. Fuuh~! The third page is a bit odd but it got scanned at a different resolution. I was too lazy to do anything ^^;

Anyways, we are at 297 pages this week…meaning we are thaaat close to 300! And, the third year anniversary is coming up soon, too! Wow, Zos Kias will be hitting some big numbers, hee hee~!

Volume 2 of Zos Kias is now available not only through the website or Lulu, but through Amazon.com! I was surprised, but I got an e-mail to let me know it got put up there. Please support Zos Kias by purchasing the volumes~!

The contest is still going, only until July! We are up to 2 entries now (with a third on its way), and you can see them on my DA page.

Until next week~!
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