News for the week of May 4th~!
Kojika at 11:57PM, May 4, 2009
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Well, the updates are all off kilter this week again, lol. It doesn't help it either that CG, the main site that ZK is on, has been having some updating issues with their RSS feed. Gaaah >.>

But, anyways, I've got my finals this week. Already knocked two of them out today, and got a presentation tomorrow, followed by my last final on Thursday. And, then, this Friday-Sunday, is ACen~! If you're going, look me up! I'll be in AA at the pink table(Pink Door Inc)~! Nami (One Piece) on Friday, Nergal (Tozasareta Nergal) on Saturday, and Natasha (ZK) on Sunday. Please stop by!

Also, volume 2 is now up for sale~! As soon as my update goes through on the main site, I'll letcha know. You can check out my DA page for now though. And that's it til next week~!
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