Updates for the week of April 26th~!
Kojika at 7:06PM, April 27, 2009
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Alright, I kinda skipped the updates last week me thinks, whoops. Well, not all that really mattered, ahaha. But, I was caught up in school and all that. I present my senior project this Friday though, and then finals next week. I'm almost done! *flails*

Anyways, we are continuing on along nicely with chapter 15. With it finished, volume 3 of Zos Kias will be ready to be put into action. Speaking of the volumes…volume 2 is getting ready to make its way out to the public! It's at the publication place right now, and I ordered a sample copy for myself before deciding if I'll change anything or whatnot. I'll make to letcha know when it's actually up. I'm handling it differently this time, so it will be a bit more expensive than the first one, and the shipping and handling are out of my hands ^^;

In other news…um, Acen is coming up! Check me out in AA if ya have a chance! I'll be right next to Ranefea (the one Ran-chan is based off of), too! Please make plans to say hi~!
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