Updates for the week of April 12th~!
Kojika at 9:20PM, April 12, 2009
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First, off, for those of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter~! Man, I remember back when we used to celebrate it…! At least my mum made Easter dinner~! I spent all day out in my backyard putting up a new fence, and then, when we finally got it done, I was out front doing some minor work on my car, and my little sister's dog got out of the front fence! How the heck!? It was NOT fun chasing her down, fuu. But, I got ZK done after that, though I didn't start coloring it til like 4, lol. I'm glad to just kick back and relax.

This week was an easy week for ZK. Just a one frame page and then the chapter title. I was kinda unsure what to do with Hester's body, but I think even with what I ended up with, you can still tell she's dead, right? Right..? And, the chapter title was pretty senseless, but it was fun. I already ranted about it on DA, lol, so I won't do it here again.

Mmm…I think that's it for now. I'm too worn out for anything else. Back to doing homework~
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