News for the week of March 1~!
Kojika at 10:15AM, March 3, 2009
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Alright, the updates for this week were a bit delayed, too. Since this week and next week are all midterms and big projects due, I've obviously been rather busy. Still, I'm managing to find time to keep this up. On the plus side, since my senior project is the Zos Kias game, after all, it's still getting a lot of attention. And, now, one of my video-editing projects is a live-action Zos Kias intro. We start recording part 1 this Sunday.

The pages this week were just really goofy, but there is some actual development in this chapter, just later on. So, please just bear with me a bit longer!

Don't forget about contest 7, and that's all for this week! Short and simple! Ciao~!
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