News for the week of Feb 23~!
Kojika at 9:35PM, Feb. 22, 2009
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Well, got the pages done a lot quicker than I was expecting, considering the delay I had with working on them (sooo much homework @_@). But, I got them done, so I'm happy~! And, I had to do a lot more background work again, so that took some more time, too. This chapter in general though is alot easier than some just because it's kinda goofy, so I can get away with stuff. I'm looking forward to the later chapters~!

Don't forget contest 7 Parody is still going on~! Get your entries in fast and have fun with them~! Yeah, you have until April 1st, but please don't wait that long! I wanna know just what you guys come up with. Make me laugh~! (I could really use it @_@)

On a kinda random note, I got invited to be a guest (sorta) at Penguicon. Still haven't decided if I can do it yet (since it's the weekend before ACen and I was also asked to do another event that weekend), but we'll see. I think it would be fun to do, just because I would have like “guest” status. I'm so used to being the grunt of cons it would be nice to get better treatment for a change, lol ^^; I'll letcha know about that when the time comes for it.

I'm hoping to get everything set up for volume 2 this coming week and weekend, but I'll also let you guys know what's going on with that, later on. But, that's all for updates and enjoy the pages this week~!
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