Updates for the week of February 15th~!
Kojika at 8:18PM, Feb. 16, 2009
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Alright, another week, another week of updates. This past week was a rather hectic week in itself, so I'm hoping to slow down things a bit this week and take it easy. Our basement flooding and some other things killed my freetime. At least I managed to get my homework done, and some work done on my senior project, fufu.

But, anyways! About the pages this week. Nothing especially grandeur or anything. It was my first time doing anything with Randy and Natasha in a while, so I had to look up some references again, lol (but mainly on Randy's coloring in his winter version). I just love those two though <3 I'm looking forward to finishing this chapter and moving to the next~!

The contest is still ongoing, until April 1st! Don't forget to enter~!

Another short update this week, but that's all there is. Ciao~!
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