Updates for the week of January 4th!
Kojika at 3:48PM, Jan. 5, 2009
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Wee~! It's a new year! Welcome to 2009! It's so odd labeling my files for CG with the year 09 now…but I'm getting used to it fairly quickly. School starts again next week, which means work follows a week after. OhayoCon the end of this month, too. And, around the end of the month, we will be going from chapter 13 to 14~! Look forward to it X3

Anyways, don't forget the favorite couple's contest! It ends January 10th, unless someone lets me know ahead of time and asks for an extension. I won't give too much of one though since it's been a while that it's been up. Unless, of course, you can convince me otherwise Xd

The two pages are up for this week, and Kola makes his return~! <3 So, enjoy them! Nothing else, not really XD
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