Updates for the week of Dec 14th
Kojika at 10:59PM, Dec. 14, 2008
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Alright, despite the hectic weekend, I managed to get these two pages up earlier than planned. Which is great, since the rest of my week will be dedicated to starting my senior project. Got til May to get it done (and just decided on it at the end of this semseter). But, it will be a Zos Kias game…I'll give you guys more info about that when I actually get something aside the script and designs done for it XD

Anyways, this week is also a pretty big week for ZK~! If you look at the page number on DD, we've passed 250~! Technically though, ZK is two pages ahead of that in print form, since two of those pages were double-page spreads, lol. But, that's still a pretty exciting number…to think I stuck with it this long…only took me about 2 and a half years. A ha ha!

Also, don't forget the contest~! We finally have our first entry! Also, we've got some more fanart up on the fan section, one of which was my Secret Santa picture from this site. Make sure to check out the main site (http://kojika.comicgenesis.com) to see this and more!
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