Updates for the week of Nov 30th
Kojika at 9:21AM, Dec. 1, 2008
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Alright, got all the pages up for this week. Kola has finally made his appearance. And, yes, I am purposely keeping his eyes hidden for the time being. Especially since he's a character from “Beyond Destiny's Chains” as opposed to Zos Kias, lol. There is just some overlap…he works for the main branch of Gate Keepers in Tokyo, Japan. Thus, the two are far apart (since Zos Kias is just outside Warrick, England).

Anyways, I also redid some of the organization on the actual main site. The dramas are now under multimedia as opposed to the open gallery. I just figured they made more sense there. There was also some additional art added to the gallery for those of you who are interested.

Keep on working on your entries for the contest~! Remember, the theme is “favorite couple” and you can find more information about it on the main site~!

Sooo…lately, I've been debating about getting the second volume ready to go…before I go and make it though, I'll do some investigation to see just how much people want it. I'll go through Lulu this time though, lol. The price will be a bit higher for the book, but part of that is also because there is like an extra 20 pages of content in it as opposed to the last one (volume 1 was 100 pages). But, the holidays are coming up, so I'll have time to muddle through things like that.

Until next week~!
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