Updates for the week of Nov 23
Kojika at 7:47PM, Nov. 23, 2008
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Got a good start this week, too, so both pages are already up! These next several weeks will all be Kazehiko's backstory, as aforementioned, so be prepared for it! I'm sure you've noticed that the scenes are darker, but I was trying to do that on purpose to give it a more out-of-focus effect…like basically to show that it isn't in the same time as before. We are at 245 pages this week, too! So close to 250~! Scary, ne? But, it HAS been over two years since I started…

Anyways, we have some new fanart up at the main site. In fact, it's three pieces! Please go check them out if you have the chance.

And, don't forget Zos Kias' new contest~!
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