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Five-month update. Viva statistics!
aquapermanence at 3:15PM, April 27, 2009
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I saw Watchmen. It made me realize I've been watching a lot of meta stuff lately. Plus working on this comic is meta enough. So it's nice to be able to go to something more, shall we say, contained. The name of the show is Black Lagoon. It's the show I now realize I was wishing I'd been watching back when I was watching Coyote Ragtime Show.

So as far as Misfire Reactional goes we're about halfway through the second chapter, which will put this project at around 6 years to completion. I don't expect to take quite that long, but then I also remind myself that I shouldn't rush things. My goal is to turn out a quality work on a timely schedule, and I'd like to avoid putting up half-finished pages and fixing them later… even though the perfectionist in me is constantly nagging me to “fix” what I've already got up.

On with the stats!

Time elapsed since comic debut (1/1/2009): 116 days.
Pages posted: 43.
Average days per page: 2.70.

Time elapsed since start of work (10/26/2008): 183 days.
Pages planned: 274 (37.4%) (0.67 days per page)
Pages sketched: 111 (15.2%) (1.65)
Pages drawn: 87 (11.9%) (2.10)
Pages complete: 86 (11.7%) (2.13)
Pages posted: 43 (5.9%)

As a note, when I say “planned” I mean I've either written out the script or described how the action flows. While those pages are largely how I want them to go, they're not set in stone.

I'm pleased by how much my pace has picked up. I've spent this last month finishing up chapter 3 and sketching out chapter 4, which is why the number of “drawn” pages has barely changed. I expect completing chapter 4 will take all of May and June. If I can get it done faster and the way I like it… I'll be amazed. And a little scared.
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