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Question on Adam
goldenpuppy at 1:34PM, Dec. 6, 2008
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What exactly is he? XD don't get me wrong I think he's great!

Is he a zombie of sorts under the control of a necromancer?

If it isn't something your ready to answer, ^^ that's ok! PLEASE more then ^^
Love your Godot! Can't wait for more!
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The Derkomai at 8:25PM, Dec. 6, 2008
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He's a hawt elf, obviously… ;3
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littlerain at 8:40PM, Dec. 6, 2008
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Well there are still things about him that I will leave untold but for now I will say this.

He isn't anything you can find exactly in other myths, but all of his powers are reminiscent of other things. I'll list all the known traits about Adam:

Super strength and speed Most mythical creatures/humanoids tend to have extreme powers like this, such as vampires…werewolves…ect. They still have their limits though, and everyone has their level of strength, but this depends a lot on their age. (see eternal youth)

Regeneration All their wounds are healed pretty quickly, but it really depends on how sever it was. For example it took Adam a few minutes to heal from the gun shot to the head but just a few seconds to get up from a palm to the face. This regeneration can, and will last forever. While they will continue to heal, it does take their energy away so continuous hits will render the person useless, even though they can't die. The person's master can suppress their healing powers so loss of energy will eventually mean they can't heal anymore, and they have the possibility of sustaining injury and eventually dying.

If anything happens that will render the body immobile, such as loss of breath, food, water…i'm sure you can think of more….Then the body pretty much goes into stand-by until it can get the resources it needs again. An example would be if Adam sank to the bottom of the ocean he would just pass out and stay there until he could get air again

I won't say this idea is entirely original but I didn't have anything particularly in mind when thinking this up.

Eternal Youth Even if the cells in a person's body would usually decay, regeneration keeps them going, and in their youth. They will age until they are at their prime (sometime between 16 and 26) and then will have no noticable changes except their hair. It eventually loses pigment.

Depending on how old they are, their strength and amount of energy increases naturally. So people with white hair are usually the tougher ones…

Invisibility Adam is actually invisible to most people and because of this his life has been filled with solitude. Very few people are able to see them, and this actually has some requirements. They can not be seen by a person if they have passed their ‘prime’ because the person could not age backwards. Also it is much more common for children to see them. Lastly (this will be explained later in the comic) You need to have a reason for seeing them. Maybe you are lonely, looking for a friend, want to escape this world, want eternal youth, just looking for someone to terrorize…there needs to be a reason.

Reproduction? They can not reproduce with sex. The women and men are both infertile. People that can see them are pretty much the candidates for becoming disciples and this is the only way to make more of them. Disciples are usually taken when they are young and sometimes considered their children, but there are always exceptions.

The longer you go without taking your first disciple, the more you feel like you need to, and your body starts acting on it's own.

Disciples Another thing that contributes to your strength and energy is who your master is. Once it is reveled in the comic I will make a little chart here for the chain in command.

A master can pretty much kill a disciple if he or she wishes but since they are hard to find it is usually very unfavorable. If a master represses the healing of their disciple it would also work on every person under them. For example, if Adam's master repressed his healing, it would uncontrollably also repress any underneath him.

Master(a) can also steal a disciple from another master(b) but only if the master(a) is at the level of master(b)'s master. Confusing but it will make sense when i get a graph going….

Rain This idea, i think, is pretty original. Every time any of them goes above ground they will instantly make it rain. This actually a bad thing in many cases, because the rain will not stop until they go at least a few feet underground. They had to live in caves before things as convenient as subway stations were invented. Most of them do try not to throw off the whether so they travel when it is already raining.
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