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The Annoying Facts About Drawing Furries.
harkovast at 1:21AM, March 26, 2011
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Furries, anthro, talking animals, whatever you call em, Harkovast is full of em.

Now this is a boon in some ways for me as the artist, since (as tvtropes says) furries are easier to draw.
Humans are very diserning about human faces, so people drawn incorrectly can easily look wierd, deformed or disturbing.
With animal characters the human mind is a lot less picky and far more accepting if they dont entirely resemble the animal in question.

The downside to all this, is that as a human artist (okay, really I am a giant orange cat in a suit of armour who pretends to be human for tax reasons, but keep that to yourself) I have a biase towards drawing things that resemble humans.
This means that, unless I pay attention, it is VERY eas to miss off the characters “animal” features.
I am almost constantly having to add in missing tails, wings or whiskers, all the additional little bits that the various races have. This is made all the worse when some races have these features and others don't!
To the human eye, once a character has arms, legs a body and head, he looks fine. Alarm bells don't go off until I examine my work more closely and realise what I've missed.

Fortunatley, webcomics are a very forgiving medium.
Not only can I take down pages and repost improved versions of them when ever I want (which I do very regularly) but a lot of the time I can actually fix my ineviatble mistakes before most readers have even picked up on them.

So if you do notice any of these types of errors (or ay other errors!) send me a pq asap!

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