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harkovast at 4:00AM, April 21, 2011
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Cars 2 is going ot be terrible.
The first one wasn't great but the second one is set in London, England.
Americans should be banned from setting movies in England, they need to pass a law!
Its going to be one long string of bad jokes based on cultural stereotypes.
The humour will stem from Americans perceptions of the UK and what they imagine it to be like rather than anything that is actually true.
Expect excessive emphasis on the royal family, guards in big hats, being uptight, having bad teeth and other cringe inducing cliches.
I am dreading this film.
More so because my young son of 5 loves cars and I am probably going to be dragged along to watch it.
I don't know if I can tolerate an hour and a half of that kind of crap.
It doesn't just offend me because I am English (which it does) it offends me on a deeper level!
It is going to be like everything Harkovast the comic is against concentrated into a movie.
Laughing at other peoples cultures because they are stupider and stranger than yours, from your point of view.
Fuckin' Cars….

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DuckInspector at 2:43PM, April 24, 2011
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If the “meter” or whatever, the tow truck with bad teeth! if his little adventure in japan is anything to go by, yep! what is your next prediction O great oracle!
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metabad at 3:42PM, April 24, 2011
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I don't remember much about the first Cars movie but from what I remember it was alright.

But what I recently found out was that Paul Newman was in the movie which was one of his last non-documentary roles.

I can't remember which role he played, but Paul Newman was awesome in Road to Perdition! He was totally my favourite character.

Damn, what an awesome movie that was…

…I don't really know where I'm going with this.

I guess it's that Road to Perdition was an awesome movie and you should all watch that movie instead of Cars 2.

…*goes to watch Road to Perdition*
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harkovast at 3:39PM, April 26, 2011
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Blues Brothers.
That was another good movie.
Doesn't help with the fact Cars 2 is going to suck though.

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Genejoke at 4:47PM, May 2, 2011
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Yup, it's going to be bollocks.
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harkovast at 6:15PM, May 2, 2011
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It features a car in a big bear skin guard hat…
There is going to be a car version of the Queen…
I can feel my skin crawling already.

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Tiberius at 7:27PM, May 2, 2011
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there's going to be a toy story short in front of it. if the movie comes to be unbearable, just replay the short in your head.

I doubt it will be terrible, not Pixar's best work (probably it's worst), but not objectively terrible. Pixar just has that magic touch, but why they decided to make a sequel to their worst film I'll never know. Why not Monsters Inc. 2, or The Incredibles 2, or an original film. I'm afraid Pixar is going to start doing more and more sequels.
I'm not going to argue about it not being offensive, cause the first one had some bad stereotypes, so if there's one movie offensive to the British culture, it'll probably be this one. my condolences.

Just chant to yourself “Toy story short, Toy story short, Toy story short…”

Additional- Seriously! Why Cars 2? of all the movies to pick, you pick that one.
The Incredibles ended perfectly for a sequel. jack jack now has powers, there back in the super hero game, the public loves them. It's just ripe for a sequel. you could have an anti-superhero group, or the government after them for vigilantism, since super heroics were outlawed. Or you do like toy story and age the characters since the last film, and explore the dynamics of the super family with a teenager, and a college student, and a grown up jack jack.
But NO. We get Cars 2.

I just learned they are sort of making monsters inc. 2. It's called monster university, and it's a prequel. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I'll go see Cars 2, I'll probably enjoy it, because Pixar has yet to let me down.
If I don't enjoy it, then it will be a sad day indeed. It will be the day my favorite studio failed me, and I may cry like I did near the end of toy story 3, except it's Pixar going to the incinerator, not my child hood icons.
The post apocalyptic genre- one of the most optimistic of all genres.
Because we somehow survived the end of everything, and have built a pretty nice town to boot, sometimes with pig powered electricity!
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harkovast at 7:38AM, May 3, 2011
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Was I the only one that found the driving sequences in Cars really boring?
It all seemed kinda exciting, then the announcers say “only 60 laps to go!”
Only SIXTY? I thought it was going to be three times round like in Mario Kart!
Perhaps I just don't get race car driving but that just made it sound incredibly dull.

Also…how do the cars build stuff? They have no hands! This always really bugged me!

The race in this one is to determine the fastest car in the world.
There is no chance, not a hope in hell, that Lightning Mcqueen is going to lose to a British car.
That just wont happen.
To me the whole premise just sucked all the excitement out of the film.
American film makers would not make a film that shows America losing out to other countries and they would NEVER show America losing out to Britain.
It makes Lightning Mcqueen go from any kind of under dog to an absolute sure thing.
Maybe I am not giving American movie makers enough credit, but in a situation like that, I think nationalism is going to come to the fore
The previous film was just various cars racing, now its the American car vs the foreign cars. The out come is already written in stone.

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