Whos the one member of ur family u look up to the most
tiffawolf at 12:04AM, June 2, 2010
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mine would be my grandmother Sandra Manis, shes a strong independent woman with a huge heart. she has always been there when i need her most, she inspired my art and over time she began to read comics and soon had me on the road of manga, she got me into the art i work with now. without her, i wouldnt be creating these stories for u. shes a one of a kind grandmaw who loves anime,manga,video games and her grandchildren the most.
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JillyFoo at 11:54AM, June 2, 2010
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Hard to say… my mom or my dad. My dad is very disciplined at getting work done, not following into distractions, maintaining his health and not wasting money. He gets up early every day, exercises, and works. He still finds time for fun but he's more into simple pleasures like hiking and taking pictures.

In the world of comics and art making where one's work is never done, I want to be more disciplined and dedicated in work like him.
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Cthonic Cultist at 5:05PM, June 2, 2010
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To be honest, I don't look at people like that.. even my own family. I love them, and all, but I don't strive to emulate any of them. I do more the reverse. I down on people who I see as failures and do my utmost to be unlike them in every way possible. It seems to work out ok for me, but I'm nothing special. Really quite a failure myself… Oh well.
Boring and talentless I am.. At least I am occasionally insightful, maybe?
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On the crazzy side at 2:36PM, June 7, 2010
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i am a bit late in answering been busy working and school. the person i look up to the most would most likly be my grandmother. she is a strong woman that dose things you would never expect a 75 year old woman to do like dance on the table during family x-mas or surf down the hallways at a hotel on the lugage carts. when you are with her there is never a dull moment and nothing keeps her down long. (sorry for the bad spelling)
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