Your closest friend
tiffawolf at 1:34AM, May 18, 2010
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tell me something about ur closest friend, how u met and why ur so close

my closest friend would have to be steven bodner, he and i are very close friends and share many things in common together such as editing videos and same taste in music. we met online through youtube and over time as we talked, we became closer and close untill we fully trusted one another, hes helped be through tough times and i realy have to thank him for it. hes a great guy and is unique, its hard to find men like him around these days. here is his youtube account, pay him a visit
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NaomeLunara at 8:08AM, May 18, 2010
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Hm, well I have a couple close friends, Sara, Whitney, and Robin. We met in middle school at a time when I didn't really understand myself and didn't feel like I fit in. These three found me and made me feel like I finally belonged, and I owe to them that I am who I am today. They live far away now but I make a point to visit when I can. And recently I made another close friend, Janessa, who had been there for me when I had my baby. She's also a mom and we talk everyday, helping each other with mama stresses and such. lol She was also a bridesmaid at my wedding, and I'm about to return the favor in a couple of months. ^^ My close friends basically become family at some point, they really stand out from all the rest. Thanks for listening! =D
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Cthonic Cultist at 11:33AM, May 18, 2010
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I am my closest friend. No one knows what I like like I do, and no one really does much for me except me. I have friends, but they are more the ‘hang out with on occasion’ sort than close friends. I used to have a really close friend in elementary but he moved away after 6th grade and I haven;t seen him since.

Oh well. I have a fair amount of internet friends, though! Does that count?
Boring and talentless I am.. At least I am occasionally insightful, maybe?
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On the crazzy side at 1:35PM, May 18, 2010
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i don't really have any close friends. i had 2 in elementy but i have seen then in like 5 years or really talked to them. the closesn't friend i have now would have to be Trish a hiper active brunet girl 2 years yonger then me that never sees the negative side in life. we became friends in a guitar glass 6 months ago and spend every lunch together.
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