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hanasays at 2:41PM, July 26, 2009
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I haven't posted a comic online for a long time. College was too much for me - then, life was too much for me. For a while, I was depressed and didn't understand why. Then I realized I'd pretty much cut a critical part out of my life - I enjoy creating comics, even when I don't get paid for it.

So, one of my friends (Dylan) constantly talks about “if I were a superhero” this, and “if I were a superhero” that. His birthday was July 23rd, and Issue One of The Epic Three was my gift to him.

It's a Mary Sue comic if there ever were one, and I'll be up front and honest about that. The characters ARE Dylan, me, and my brother, set in a fantasy town called Paradise City. My brother's name in real life is Mike, but for the purposes of The Epic Three, he requested that it be changed to Nash.

I feel that, in a way, all superhero comics are pretty Mary Sue-ish. Superheros do what we wish we could do and they are who we wish we were, sometimes. That's one of the points behind The Epic Three.

This style is not as controlled, precise, or elaborate as some of my other work (such as P.O. Bocks).

While working on The Epic Three, I am also working on a different comic with completely different subject matter and an incredibly different style. I am nearing completion of Issue One of this comic, although it is penciled through Issue Five and written through Issue Ten. It is being co-authored by James DeCola, a friend of mine. Whether or not I will post it on this website - I'm not sure - but if you're interested in it keep up with The Epic Three blog and I may mention it from time to time.

I plan on publishing both The Epic Three and the other comic book I am currently working on in hard-copy form soon.

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