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New Artist and a New Project
Shiba Naganori at 10:34PM, June 22, 2011
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So, it's been eleven pages and I have yet to introduce the new artist.

No, it's not me. I would have done stick figures, but I'd imagine that would take the pageviews into the negatives since no one understands the creative genius of stick figures…but I'm not bitter.

Anyway, the new artist is the talented Rafa Lee, where you can find more of his work on his deviant art account:

I hope everyone enjoys his art style.

The new project is one that I'll be submitting a miniseries proposal to Antarctic Press (since they seem to be doing better than other comic companies), it's a Fortress Avalon miniseries, and it'll be titled “The Siege of Tokai Okami”. I'll be sending the proposal in the middle of July when ten pages of it will be sent with it. Hopefully I can also get some more pageviews in to show them that it will bring in readers.
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