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This is kinda interesting
Shiba Naganori at 12:24AM, Aug. 1, 2009
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Apparently Namiko is the most popular character in the comic, her pages end up with 30-70 pageviews per day, but with pages involving Kodin end up with 10-30 pageviews. I would like comments about this though, some of the few that I've gotten about her is that she's an interesting character, while Kodin received no comments, and seems to be left alone. What is it about Kodin that people don't like about him? Could it be that he's got a bad mouth? (admittedly, those pages were written by a friend, so his foul language will be toned down in future pages) Given that, while I've pretty much told all about Namiko's past, I've intentionally (or is it that nobody cares, and I don't bother bring it up? You decide.) left Kodin's past blank to leave a more mysterious air to him, as well as revive the amnesia part of the story that was somehow left out later on.

Seriously though, if Namiko brings in 70 pageviews at the highest, I wonder what would happen when fanservice enters the picture?
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