Are we alive and do we care?

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delphs at 1:23PM, July 27, 2009
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Yes we're alive and yes we care!

Been a huge pain in the ass in the past couple year to keep up. We originally thought is was so easy and a joke to do a comic but it isn't… Neither one of us have experience or training in writing which makes it hard to have an actual storyline, or something to fall back on.

Same with drawing… planing away, reaching deadlines all the stuff we know nothing about. Just 2 geek with skills that wanted to have some fun.

We always had respect for every webcomic out there, but now a HUGE respect for the daily ones! the dedication and life balancing must be insane!

I do check the stats once a while and see how we fit in this community. Oddly enough we are still in the top third of all the comics in the site. I'm sure there's a lot of dead comics in there but it made me realize that people still reads it and that our SciFi specials are well liked.

We'll be returning soon and changing some of the way we do things, maybe more SciFi (less story to plan) and more fun to do too… more one liners, maybe an actual story arc.

We'll see!

Once again thanks to all of you for reading and expect more to come!

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