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What I thought of Fan Dan Go.
harkovast at 11:54AM, Feb. 19, 2010
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I don't normally care for manga style comics, but I rather liked the art on Fan Dan Go. The characters looks cool (especially the Red Devil chick) and a lot of the scenes of action are really dramatic. basically the art is spot on throughout.

What I didn't like so much was the story telling (which did remind me of what I don't like about manga). I didn't get who these people are or where they are. It seems like some sort of alternative Britain, but how is it different? Is it in the same time period as our earth? some things seem modern (like the police officers and shops) but then they have knights with swords and magic powers.
I don't mind seeing these things together, but I need some explanation to put things in context.
Also the characters actions seemed really random. At times the Knights seemed to be treated like some sort of elite police unit, but then they let criminals go for no reason and then stop and chat with the bad guys instead of attacking them.
I say bad guys, as since I don't really know what the Knights stand for or what their enemies stand for, I cant really comment on who is good or bad! I dont really have any concept of what is at state in this battle.

Hope that is helpful!

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