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The Gunsmith

The Gunsmith is a hardened mercenary, trading her skills at handling explosive and her marksmanship to anyone who will pay her.
She holds all non-Golta in contempt, referring to them as ‘Tolpish’.
She cares nothing for which side she is on or what they are fighting for, as long as she can profit from it.
This may make her appear to have no loyalties, but in fact she is very patriotic about The Golta Nation and, like many Golta mercenaries, sends the majority of the wealth she earns back to her homeland.


Kouldie is The Gunsmiths business partner, assisting in her mercenary business and sharing her dispassionate view of Tolpish conflicts.
She has a scar on over her left eye, a testament to her long career as a mercenary.
She was placed in charge of delivering the the shipment of pyronite, escorted by mercenaries and Nameless troops (provided by the Heretic's allies in the West.)
Kouldie makes no distinction between helping Nameless or any other Tolpish, as long as she gets paid.
Ultimately she did not live to collect her payment, as she was killed by Black River's deadly touch.

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