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The Treazian empire (Red Army nations)

Capital city: Renslad, Nation of Treaza

Location: North east of Alamesh two continents over.

Climate: Varies from coast to coast making for several different environments

Outlook: The Nation Of Treaza is, of course,imperialistic. It started as a single devoutly religious country located north east of alamesh. An old civilization that lived their lives around the Sun Goddess ,Ashur and her loyal Gaurdians. In their earliest stages they were content to live off the land as one unified tribe most often marking themselves with the sigil of ashur either as a brand or tattoo. As they delevoped and expanded their territory only slightly , they began to have “spin off tribes”. These tribes began to develope new rules and values amongst their particular people and often imposed them on the natives of their new land In honor of their goddess. Around the time of industry , the old rituals and Goddess were all but forgotten. Even seen more as fairy tales to draw important lessons from. Still they brought with them the idea of theirselves being the goddess's chosen people. And since their goddess is “the greatest of them all” Then by default they were too. The gaurdians were forgotten and thought of as myths. All of this fueled their desire to spread about the planet and shine Ashur's light about the world.

Current Political conflict: Constant battles with homeland terrorist group “ Order of Golden Dawn” which seek to bring down the empire for its blasphemy about the ages. As well as waring with the grey army.

Taboo: The Ejani (night folk) are considered very taboo. On the surface The Treazian people are racist and spiteful even though a good majority of their vices, technology and fashion came from them. Liberalism is frowned upon especially with the issues concerning the Golden dawn. Magic is taboo, as they have decided they achieve “magical workings” through technology. Often capturing luxxites and other potentially magical beings to harness their energy into their machines.

Technology: Treazians have an interesting mix of hi-tech gizmos and “organic technologies” in order to prove their supiriority. What point they're trying to prove dicates what manner of technology they use. Still they dont accept ancient tech since it was largely powered by spiritual energy even though they do exactley the same thing with a slightly more modern twist.

Religion: The people of Treaza are generally athiest even though there are gods who are clearly present. They consider these higher beings to be scientific Anomolies. Still, the people of the Treazian Empire have preserved a good ammount of their customs and beliefs in their own ways depeneding on circumstance.

( The tale Of Ashur is currently in progress)
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very cool, can't wait to see more on both of these cultures (marduki and red army)

j, i'm not sure how set you are on the “north east” part. i'll have to see where on the world map you are talking about. its not that we have anything planned for that area, its more that the merkarian wastes are a particularly tricky boundary between grey and red armies if that is the direction we are coming from. we'd have some work arounds as to why the red or grey armies would even trek through that place, much less happen upon one another.

the reason i'd said “southern” or “south-east” continent is because mosk-ald (the southern mapped continent) would act as a “neutral” zone between the two armies, allowing them an area for the skirmishes and things to start.

granted, i haven't fleshed out a lot of the grey armies expansion directions and goals and things. i may not have even put anything up about the merkarian wastes (though i thought i did, oops). i imagine the grey army using the merkarian wastes as a natural “wall” to the north, so they have expanded west and south across mosk, and placed very little of their resources toward the wastes. while this would make it an ideal direction from which to mount an attack on alamesh, it doesn't really work so well with the ideas of skirmishes and such errupting between our two main armies.

adam, seems all good, you have a lot of names to start coming up with. i think i was asking you about the salt flats being so close to the joni river earlier and how that might impact the delta. i think we can say it doesn't have too much effect. looking at the map again, i'd guess that the salt flat was once a great lake, fed by some of the tributaries of the joni river (perhaps) but mostly by that very large (yet unnamed) river just on the side of mosk-ohm. continental plates shifting from the west are acting like a wedge, splitting mosk-ohm and mosk-ald apart, so probably, that river once flowed down through the desert and deposited into the salt flat, and has since been cut off by the shifting earth.

though, for the sake of marduki/pithe conflict, the salt bed would be a great way for the pithe to “poison” some of the water flowing down through the joni delta, causing all kinds of trouble.
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