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This thread is entirely dedicated to the legends and stories that take place in this world.
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The Red Death:

In a year before the melting, a small girl came to be.
Always wearing red and black, she was a sight to see.
For years that girl did nothing, but grow up smart and strong.
With peace of heart and mind, that didn't last that long.
This girl was called Red Cloak, her real name long forgotten.
From the outside she was good and pure, from inside she was rotten.
Her mother asked her one day, to go gather some wood.
And deliver to her grandma a basket filled with food.
As Red Cloak went along, the yellow bricks that lay.
A big black wolf did urge her, to go with her and stay.
As fangs emerged from molten jaw, sharp and long and hard.
Red Cloak ripped black wolf apart, this kill just the start.
She walked along until the end, to the house mom did her sent.
Her grandma swallowed in one gulp, and time she took not to repent.
A woodcutter, big and strong.
Came through the door, his swing was long.
But axe came not to Red Cloaks neck.
And cutter was thrown to the deck.
His belly ripped and blood was spilled.
With his flesh, Red's belly filled.
A monster the Red Death became.
And all the country she set aflame.
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