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if u read this i hope it does not spoil the story for u but my girlfriend is one of those who HAS to watch the special features to see how its done. i personally hate doing so becuz, for me, that ruins the MAGIC of the movie. but anyway, for u who like to go deeper, here we go.

STORY: inspired by such classics as MAD MAX, LOST BOYS, and other eighties cult flicks among new films like DOOMSDAY, the story takes place in post-apocalyptic america which has seen a nationally devastating war which we will learn more about and the american government has merged with the one world entity known as the Republic(or Euro0American Rpublic). our story starts off on the west coast, so this is kind of the “outlands”, west of the Mississippi. expect violence and a kind of road warrior, wild west feel but i dont want to give away much more than that. i'm writing this story sans script and its very free and fun. will se where this leads.

ART: the art is very inspirational of what i was interested in during 2009 and it is very fun to draw. it comes from an inspiration of the manga genre. i fused that with a love for turner's style and mcfarland and this is where i am with this comic. its cartoony, but dramatic enough that i think it can be taken somewhat seriously, yet remain lighthearted enough for the funnier parts. this will hopefully work to add darkness and tension to violent and park parts of the story and vice versa. in short, im hoping this will prove to be a versatile style visually. i also have another comic coming done more in the vein of turner and american action/modern hand drawn comics but thats beside the point. this will probably be the only story i ever draw this way and i feel that's how it should be.

COLOR: i always like to give xtra props to colors becuz that really tells 50% of the story. you can take any inks and apply hundreds of different styles of colors and it wil always convey a different emotion every time. i chose this scheme as it kind of reminds me of the artwork in video game booklets and i thought that that suited the line art very well. the colors are vibrant but also they are supposed to be sensual and versatile, able to be dark as well as light. hopefully, they work throughout the story.

so, in closing, this is a work i plan to take seriously and hope to find a handful of readers who will journey with these characters as they move through this desolate and volatile future. the first story is called “To Live Is To Die” and will run to possibly four, five issues including installment #0, which is what i have posted here today. this winter will hopefully provide time to really pump out some pages but i am also working on another work that i will post here very soon, so, we'll see how it goes. most of this will all be dictated by reader/fan demand, so if u find u ejnoy this and want more sooner, speak up and i will “beckon the call!!!” (PANTERA)

also, this will be available in print at the end of issue #1 (issue #0 and issue #1 will be printed together as a flip comic).
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