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The Drunkduck site overhaul
Scorpion451 at 7:08AM, May 9, 2011
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Okay, just so those of ya'll who aren't regulars on Drunkduck know, here's the scoop:
on Wednesday, the powers that be at Drunkduck's parent company have ordered them to go live with the new sitecode, and the drunkduck admins are very nervous about it because they still do not have all the glitches worked out.

That said, there has been a beta version of the revamped site posted, and there does seem to be at least a bare minimum of functionality, and though it certainly could use some polish, it shouldn't interfere with the normal schedule.

Should the worst case scenario of a total meltdown of the new site code occur,
here's what you can do to keep up with the Greening Wars:

-Check my dA page: should the Drunkduck go down for an extended period, I will temporarily post new pages on dA, until the site is back up and running, which is better than not posting at all.^^;

-Keep voting on topwebcomics: every person who votes for this comic moves it one step closer to being in the top 100, ya'll already have been keeping it in the top 200 scifi comics in the world; even if DD goes down, it doesn't mean that you have to stop voting. If the votes fall behind TGW may not catch up again till the monthly tally reset!

-Cross your fingers: In theory, the site at least functions, and though it may be a bit glitchy, it should at least work to some extent. In theory, that is. I tend to follow a “pray for sunshine, prepare for a hurricane” mentality, so I just want to have a plan laid out should Green's observation on Murphy's Law come to pass:“Murphy was an optimist.”
That is to say: "Anything that can't possibly go wrong will go wrong." XD

But keep those fingers crossed.
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Barn0wl at 7:58AM, May 9, 2011
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Thanks for the heads-up Scorp! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the switchover works smoothly.

Also, loved your vote incentive on TWC! The Hunter-Seeker is definitely not something one would want to meet in a dark alley … or even in a brightly lit public place. Geeze!
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