So I've been working on this little story...

Okay, back to normal scheduel this week.
Scorpion451 at 5:42PM, Feb. 15, 2011
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After having to skip Fridays post, I thought I'd make sure there's no confusion, this Friday, barring a meteor falling from space and crushing my computer or some similar inconvenience, there will be a new page posted. The following week, however, will be the start of my interim once-a-week schedule.

Once again, post this Friday,
but then I will switch to Tuesdays only for an as yet to be determined period of time.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog posting, I really have no idea how long the reduced schedule will last. It will depend on how my proposal for the major commission goes, how long it takes me to get enough of a buffer on my pages to feel comfortable, and how people respond to the reduced schedule.
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