So I've been working on this little story...

Working on a custom template
Scorpion451 at 9:53PM, Dec. 28, 2010
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Some of ya'll may have noticed the past couple of posts have been a bit late in the day.^^'

Sorry about that.

I've been scrambling to get pages done on scheduel but still up to my personal standards. I've gotten somewhat behind, between the Christmas holidays and spending some time with my family, and trying to decipher the arcane runes known as “html code”. This “html” is a horrible sort of black magic, as it actively fights translation by having various forms and multiple functions for the same word. My work continues, however, and my homepage has begun to look something like an actual webpage. ^_^

As I mention in the little announcement at the top of the page, I'm still working out the kinks, so let me know if there are any legibility issues on your browser, if the text is hard to read anywhere, or if you like what you see! There is one particular glitch that I'm still trying to work out the solution for, which is the refusal of the “latest page button” to show the newest page on the day I update it. For now, double check that there isn't a new page by checking the drop down box on the comic page. ^^'

Also, be sure to leave a comment or two (or more!) on the comic itself, I really would love to have some more feed back!
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