So I've been working on this little story...

First post, and a bit of info on the story
Scorpion451 at 8:11AM, Dec. 13, 2010
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Not sure about how to start, here. I'll just go about this like I do most things, figure it as I go until I know out what I'm doing.

I'm really excited to have finally started my webcomic!
I've been seriously writing “The Greening Wars” for about six months now and the story is nowhere near a conclusion, so there's not much chance of me running out of story any time soon. Trust me, the intro has nothing on what's coming.

I try to keep at least one foot in actual science, but I occasionally bend the laws of physics, on the explanation/excuse that the universe the story takes place in is a one-off universe parallel to our own. The Laws of physics are nearly identical, but there are tweaks to them. The biology, however, is almost always taken from hard science, as the natural world contains quite a few …unusual… creatures to draw from. Google “deepsea dragonfish”. The thing has friggin' headlights. And looks like it chewed its way out of hell.

As to what the story is about, in a nutshell, decades after a cataclysmic third world war, the world is more or less back on it's feet. The UCM, the Unified Coalition Military, grows more and more suspicious of the Greening, a group (some say cult) officially dedicated to the union of humanity with nature by means of genetic engineering. Though many remain wary of the “mixers” or more vulgarly “freaks”, they are tolerated and mainly keep to their enclaves. But rumors circulate that certain unusual recient events may be linked to the Greening's research, and that the group may not be as innocuous as it claims.

I'll let you read the comic for the rest.
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