Kid Thunderbolt
Turnoil74 at 11:13PM, Feb. 23, 2011
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Kid is the first of the stories heroes to emerge. he is very rock esque. in the fact he talks smack while he fights, but he is a real hero deep down. he has the lightning powers that he has no idea where they came from. he has been the wfl champion for 3yrs(world fighting league)and he fights crime and doesn't even where a mask. his manager keeps begging him to stop, because his fights get interupted by wanna be super villians. these latest interruptions have been different, the keep calling him “GABRIEL'S VESSEL” and he has no idea what they mean. they are all things right out of a horror flick, mummies, vampires, you name it they attack…
just keep reading and you will see how this turns out
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