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The first announcement
Avarail at 7:59PM, March 14, 2011
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Now that I am well into my comic, 12 pages at this time, I can announce some stuffs! I've put most of it in my profile information so maybe this isn't total news. At least I can talk about it in a little more depth.
First page of business, I'll be updating twice a week FINALLY! I only did once a week to start so I could at least make sure I can accomplish what I wanted to do. Not exactly a hard task, I meagerly filled page a week. So, now that I have a stronger will to draw(95% of the reason why this comic wasn't made a lot earlier), I can do more updates a week. So starting on the Wednesday after next, Mar.23, updates will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This leads straight into my next piece of news.
Second page of business, I've got a special episode cooked up to start the double updates a week up. Till now, all of my pages have been sort of gags and set ups. Starting on first update Wednesday, there will be the beginning of a short story. It's a planned 15 pages of a back story involving Poinkeh, Yugl, and Zero. When this story concludes, I am going to put it in another comic as the full story along with a written epilogue(I think), a short little paragraph. I've already made the comic which is titled Axis stories. It was always my plan to make these kinds of stories and there are some pretty big plans in the works. The planned stories are going to be twice as long as the one I am producing now. I really can't wait to see them get done. But I will be releasing these comics in a different manner than the short story. I'll give more news about that as I get further into my comic!
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