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Things I HATE!!!!
wordweaver_four at 4:27AM, March 27, 2011
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For no particular reason I'm gonna bother you with shit I hate.

MARCHING BANDS! I hate em! Lets see…how can we make a bunch of unskilled horn and percussion instrument players sound even worse? I know! Let's march them around a field while they play! Add a couple of chicks with flags and a dude in a gay hat high stepping with a baton and maybe we can get the audience to jam knitting needles in every orifice in their heads.

PEOPLE WHO FLASH THEIR HIGH BEAMS AT ME FOR NO REASON! Oh gosh! Did I leave my high beams on by accident? No, guess not. Is there a cop up ahead? Nope. Is my car on fire? Is there a 747 about to land on the highway right behind me? IS IT A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO COMMUNICATE TO ME?????

PEOPLE WHO DON'T TIP! I know where you live you dumb fuck.

GENDER SWITCHING COMICS! Oh God, not another one. I'm sorry you were born with a penis, okay?

SITCOMS! Hey, wanna watch The Bernie Mac Show? Oh, geeze, I'd really love to, but I was planning on sawing off my leg with dental floss tonight. Maybe some other time.

JAPANESE TOY/CARD MANGA! The fate of the entire world rest on the shoulders of a bunch of kids playing with toys! We're so fucked! Oh wait, no we're not. Cuz the bad guys are just using toys too.

On a related note:

POKEMON! Okay, let me get this straight. A bunch of kids are running around training their pets to fight vicious battles against each other as a spectator sport? Didn't Michael Vick go to jail for that?

More hate to come…
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