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Modest Medusa moves to
Jake Richmond at 5:31PM, July 25, 2011
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Hi everyone. Modest Medusa got it's start over at Webcomics Nation back right at the beginning of this year, but it wasn't thta long before I brought the strip to Drunk Duck, and that's where we really found our audience. You guys really latched onto the series and provided an amazing amount of support and enthusiasm. It was amazing to see Modest medusa shoot to the Drunk Duck top 10, and then the top spot, in just a few months. I really appreciate all your comments, your 5's, your gift art and your feedback. Thanks.
But… with the recent site change over I've decided that Drunk Duck (or The Duck, I guess) is no longer the best home for Modest Medusa. I'll still continue to post regular updates here every Mon, Weds and Fri, but I feel like is just a better home for my comic, and I hope you'll join me there to read it.
Thanks everyone,
Genejoke at 10:27AM, July 31, 2011
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Can't say I blame you for that, it's been pretty hectic here.
Hayakain at 4:30PM, Aug. 10, 2011
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*Follows Jake*
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