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+Fantasy Story Needing an Artist+
xMegalynx at 1:44PM, Aug. 3, 2011
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Needing an artist for a book I've been working on for 5 years.

*I need ink, some color.
*I need someone who is experienced at drawing comics. I need somewhat realistic characters and backgrounds.
*This is a BIG BOOK. So I need someone who can commit.
*I could possibly in the future be able to pay you for your work. Right now I can't because I'm JUST getting a job in my career field and need time to adjust and get settled.

NOTE: I'm quickly writing this up because I don't have much time. But when I do I'll write more. So excuse my writing if I seem rushed.

Genre: fantasy (will be a bit gory by the way)
Title: Llywellyn
Summary: They were “unusual”. They manifested these supernatural gifts. Intelligence, strength, incredible perception—Yet though they were born with great power, twins, Grea and Halley Pollard saw themselves just like anybody else. Only foster care hadn't proven so great. And the mystery of their past was still uncertain. After suddenly being watched and hunted—narrowly escaping being killed, they realize that the secrets to their past don't belong on this world. And when the clock's hand reverses, destiny and fate will hang in the balance.

Authors note (sorry if this seems rushed. lol. I'll touch it up later…): This story is basically about two twins who are in foster care, and know nothing of their past. They both have physical and mental abilities far superior to anyone their age. Somehow they still manage to blend in well with the rest of our society. But it soon becomes clear they're not one of us. Grea and Halley come from an alternate universe called Chaim. A world much like ours, only they still use powers of old that have long been lost in our world. They may seem primitive, but they're far from it. They have the ability to harness energy and use it in all aspects of life. On Earth we've given this energy the term “magic”—but in Chaim it's simply a way of life. Every child is born with a particular power. Whether it's to heal the sick, or see into someones past, they all have “gifts”. Chaim had always been at peace. But now evil has taken over, and with them they bring technology–which paves the way for the distruction of Chaim.
Here's a trailer I made for it a year ago: T R A I L E R:
Here's a little sketch I did of the twins (it's horrible but basically what I want them to look like):
And I also have a chapter posted here if you'd like to get a taste for what you're in for (btw “Lance” is Grea in the chapter—I just haven't gotten the chance to change his name around yet): http://jonasbrothersfanfictionarchive.c … ?sid=17017
Let me know if you think you can work with me on this OR if you know anyone that might be interested!
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