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Life Unexpected
ClarieCutie at 6:40PM, Aug. 3, 2011
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Hey guys! I am new user on The Duck, and I want to share my comic with the world.
It's basically about, Zeron's life takes interesting twist and turns. Brought up from a strict
but lovely family, but soon went into a world of conform and
containment run by mad dictators. Who would stand to such fear that
plague the country? The worlds that are all connected?

Yeah, this is all a sci-fi adventure. XD i HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY IT.
ayesinback at 3:02PM, Aug. 4, 2011
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Hi ClarieCutie!
Welcome to “The Duck”.  Well, the former drunk duck – the duck is still in treatment, you see.
I checked out a few pages of Life Unexpected and Very Nice!!  like in professional nice!

Thanks for bringing it here  :-)  and keep posting - it's how we get to know each other a little bit
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