News for the week of August 7th~!
Kojika at 10:20PM, Aug. 7, 2011
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This has been one crazy summer! And it looks like it's not quite ready yet to settle in yet, lol. But oh well, it's not gonna be that much longer (right!?). I'm trying to keep Zos Kias on schedule, despite the craziness, lol. So far, so good.
Well, Otakon is over, and many thanks for the sales! I hope all the new readers enjoy Zos Kias, too ^^ I had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people, it was a blast. Next up for the convention list is RamenCon~ I'll be in Artist Alley, of course, and Komiko and I are running some fun events, like karaoke and an event around Shane Baker. Drop in and see us~! Nice close-to-home con <3
The auction this month is for Tessa, so if you want to bid, you'll have the whole month to do so. I'm a bit behind on the prizes, but they've all gone to Kaze-kun so far, lol. I'll probably get them all out in a couple weeks, at the same time D: freetime is a little non-existant, lol.
That's it for news though, see ya next week!

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