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Reading habits
Anjiten at 5:58AM, Aug. 8, 2011
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How do you read your webcomics? I'm curious because I'm writing a
dissertation on the subject, but I also think it could be some really
interesting info for those of us who create webcomics too.

What I'm asking about is reading habits, like whether you choose to read each new page as they're updated (like maybe with RSS) or if you prefer to save up a bunch of pages untill theres a nice big chunk to consume all at once?

What about feedback? Do you like to give commentary on webcomics? If you have one of your own, do you like to receive feedback? Do you think it's important?

And finally, I'm guessing that most people read their webcomics on a laptop - do any of you use other devices, like phones or tablets? Do you think using something like that would make a difference to your reading habits? With all the new platforms out there, do you think artists need to really start creating with them in mind, or maybe it won't make much difference?
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Genejoke at 11:19PM, Aug. 8, 2011
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I read them on a desktop, why would you assume laptops?
I read updates as they come for a lot of comics but some I do let build up.  Much depends on how much I communicate with the creator, the more they talk the more I check in.
Neil_Whitehorn at 12:29AM, Oct. 28, 2011
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I like to read them as they're updated
but if the stream of pages im reading is getting a bit … disjointed or something (like im reading the pages so irregularly it no longer makes sense to me, (i like reading the longer story ones))
then i might go back maybe 10 pages or so and read a bunch at once
if i really like the comic I might go back to the beginning and read the whole thing through, and perhaps post a comment (its very rare that i do)
mostly I read from a desktop or laptop (doesnt matter whichever is accessible) dont really have smart phone or anything like that of which to view something like that, personally i dont think doing it from a smart phone is a good idea cause the devices are so small, wouldnt be able to see much (but i cant speak from personal experience)
skoolmunkee at 2:04AM, Oct. 31, 2011
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I edited your original post because you had some crazy stuff going on there in the coding, I'm guessing you copy/pasted it from Word. Fixed now though. :]
If I can't get it delivered to my rss reader then I tend not to read it. It's ok if the image itself isn't in the feed, I'm happy to click a link to follow it to the page (which gets them adviews or whatever). but I don't have the patience to keep a list of comic bookmarks. Any comic I think I can visit and read in chunks I just never do. I've been trying to read MSPA for 6 months now and I'm only a third of the way through. (MSPA is also huge… still though I go weeks between reading attempts.)
However I have heard of people who prefer to read in chunks. What doesn't seem to work very well is updating in chunks. most of the webcomic people I've seen who try to do that, it seems to hurt their readership. It's important to keep people habitually checking your page.
I don't think handheld devices are as big as they're going to be. With phones the screen simply isn't big enough to view some comics in a satisfying way- but with 3-panel strips or comics like that, they're much more suited to phones. Also, in many countries now the phone is the main computing device most people have (some developing countries have largely skipped PCs altogether) so maybe creators should make some concessions. I'm not sure what those all might be, but perhaps a mobile-friendly webpage, and not using Flash.
Feedback is really important, but I don't have time now to go into it. I think there might be a quackcast (or several) where we talked about it- not just interacting with your fan base in meaningful ways, but trying to evolve and grow as an artist. There's also a difference between reader feedback and ‘professional’ level (like co-creators)

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