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Tadpole raising, anyone?
RTopka at 1:38AM, Aug. 9, 2011
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So a few weeks ago I was looking around in a gravel pit for JUST the rock I was to use on a project (random, I know). Instead I stumbled upon something else. Tadpoles! In a drying up, tiny puddle. I couldn't leave them there; I came back with a bucket and took as many as I could. Now I have them in a fishtank and have been releasing them as they turn to complete frogs. They seem to love fishfood. So far I've released 33 little frogs, and have a ton more to go. They are very, very tiny. The biggest tads' bodies are smaller than a pinky nail.
Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?
Kroatz at 3:44PM, Aug. 12, 2011
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I spend a lot of my time raising tadpoles, and when they turn to full fledged frogs I sacrifice them in the name of Cthulhu.
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ozoneocean at 7:39PM, Aug. 16, 2011
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I used to rais them as a kid… Usually a few would end up eating the rest, or atleast horribly maiming them, taking pff legs, tails, eyes… It was horrible. :(

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