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Looking for a Comic Artist
josh_rocks at 9:24PM, Aug. 21, 2011
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I am currently looking for an artist that may be interest in collaborating with me on some comic story ideas that I have ready.  If your interested, let me know.  I would be glad to discuss the ideas, and see if your would be into the project. Also if you have any tips on where I can find a comic artist let me know.  Thanks!  
El Cid at 5:18PM, Oct. 5, 2011
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Elaborate, maybe? Artists are usually pretty occupied with their own ideas at any given time, so  if you want to entice somebody to come over and be part of your project, you should give some more specific info on what you're developing. You have to convince people that your idea is cool enough for them to take some time away from working on their own projects because they really want to do some work on yours.
b300mussolini at 8:46PM, Oct. 25, 2011
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ya what i like to do is to post the first couple of comic script and get into the pattern of writing 3+ scripts per week

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