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A new comic idea that involves reader interaction
avp216 at 7:37PM, Aug. 23, 2011
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Hello all!!
I am starting a comic called Vindictive Robots.  It will be a 3D comic created in Cinema4D.
The premise is a group of 8 robots fight for survival in a compound that has houses, objects, etc.  They can fight each other, or live their mechanical lives without fuss (where is the fun in that?)
They are encouraged to battle by being given points for every violent action they make towards another.  The more points they have, the better weapons they get access to (or if they want, better living conditions or items)
When a robot *dies* they are sent to *purgatory*  Where robots are created by the Uberbot(the robot who creates other robots for this *show* 
Here is where the readers come in.
This Uberbot is effectively the readers in the comic.  The reader's job will be to vote back robots they particularly like.  So if a robot that got destroyed was a particular favorite to the readers, they can vote him back whenever i hold a poll.
There can only be a maximum of 1 robot voted back (unless it is a special day) and a maximum of 8 robots in the “field”
Readers can also “create” a robot they want using a template i will provide.  They can give it weapons, items, a personality.  If i like what a reader has submitted, i will include it in the battleground (if there is room)
I plan on having hte readers be involved as much as possible.
What do you guys think?  any opinions will be helpful :) 
b300mussolini at 6:13PM, Oct. 26, 2011
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i am sorry but this sounds almost like some Tv shows out there like american idol or that show were they locked all the celeberys in the same house. and no matter how annoying i find those type shows i have to say that will likey be a huge plus for your comic. it is almost always good to get your reader involed but it also means you had better get you comics posted on time no matter what happens or there will be hell to pay. one thing to watch is this idea might get a little repeative after a while. maybe try to do something like red vs. blue to mix things up a bit.
El Cid at 9:54AM, Oct. 27, 2011
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That… doesn't sound like something that would work, or for that matter even be fun to read. It could be the basis for a video game, but it will not make for a good comic. And also, just in general, interactive comics are a terrible idea, even if you can generate enough of an audience for this to work.
El Cid at 9:58AM, Oct. 27, 2011
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joined: 5-4-2009
Now that I think about it, this kinda reminds me of Kombat Kubs. It could work if you made it as funny as Kombat Kubs. But 3D robots bashing each other senseless for page after gray boring page won't appeal to too many people without something to spice it up.

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