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Niccea at 2:16PM, Sept. 1, 2011
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Volunteer Thread
Judges' Forum (Please PQ me your username and email after registering so I can verify)
Do you think that you deserve a coveted Drunk Duck Award? Tell us so here. Use this thread to let people know what awards you think your comic deserves.
Please don't bash other comics or be disrespectful. You only need to mention what awards you want once.
Genejoke at 3:51PM, Sept. 1, 2011
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usedbooks at 6:56PM, Sept. 1, 2011
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If you are considering, Used Books, please consider it for these. :) And maybe best plot development, too. (My picture got too big. XD)

I would also like to give a bit of suggesting as to my picks for other categories. ^_^
~Lite Bites for Best Community Project.
~Without Moonlight for Best Plot Development (you know, if you don't vote for me. ;-) I'm voting for it.) and Best Background Art.
~Fred Peterson the Mighty Warlord for Best Superhero Comic and Best Bad Guy (Owen/Fatfish).
~If it returns in time to be elligible, I'm also voting for Raw Fish for Best Slice of Life.
~George the Dragon for Best All Ages.
My other favorites haven't updated in a while, so I probably need to scout out some new comics to vote for.
antcomics at 10:56AM, Sept. 2, 2011
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Hi, here's my plug for my comic...

Other comics I would like to nominate:
Raw Fish for Best Slice of Life
Discosnap for Best Anthro and Humor
Pugnuggle Tales for Best Background and Best Use of Color
Putrid Meat for Most Deliciously Offensive and Best Horror
Pancakes for Best Sick Figure/Simplified
Villain Next Door for Best Comic Layout and Best Use of Color
Kids With Gas Eat Free for Best Humor or Overall Comic Strip
Modest Medusa for Best Overall Strip, and Medusa for Best Antagonist
Asshole for Best Photo Comic
Antcomics (my other comic) for Best Parody/Tribute, Best Humor
Prototype at 1:21PM, Sept. 2, 2011
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Busty Solar:
*Best adult-oriented comic
*Most deliciously offensive

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dedasaur at 7:20PM, Sept. 2, 2011
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I'm new at this I hope I don't mess up.
Ehm, for your consideration The Pirate Balthasar in the category Romantic Comic.
Ps.  I found the categories! (fiu' sorry, it took me awhile, I know I get lost easily on the internet).
Here it goes - please consier The pirate balthasar  for the following categories:
- Best Romantic comic
- Beste overall
- Best couple 
- Best humor 
- Best dialogue
(am I supposed to pick my own categories? I just copied and paste here the ones suggested by my readers, is that okay?)
The Pirate Balthasar - web comic



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Tantz Aerine at 4:54AM, Sept. 3, 2011
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I'm a little disappointed that there's no war or drama comic category :P 
Ah well, would you please consider Without Moonlight for:
Best Adventure Comic
Best Action Comic 
Best Dialogue
Best Plot Development
Best Background Art

And Brave Resistance for:
Best Action
Best Adventure
Best Dialogue
Best Comic Layouts
Best Character Design
Best Use of Color 

…not that I'd oppose any other categories, I just think these are really strong points in both comics :)

I'd also like to recommend 
Used Books for Best Improved Art, Best Supporting Characters, best Crime and her forMost Dedicated Creator for sure :)
Putrid Meat for Best Layouts, Best Fasnasy and Most Deliciously Offensive
The Rose Killer is another Best Noir candidate, also Best Black and White
Twisted Mirrors for best fantasy 
Life and Death for best overall comic strip 

…and I'll think of more :p
Also, UsedBooks: Thank you so much!
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VegaX at 12:16PM, Sept. 3, 2011
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Genejoke at 1:40PM, Sept. 3, 2011
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Thanks Vegax, I now have something to consider for abstract/random… that is one category I find hard think of something to vote for.
StudioNFC at 3:12PM, Sept. 3, 2011
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I would like to be considered for three awards if possible (although I would be honored to just be considered for one. The first being Best Crim/Noir/Mystery comic. I believe my book Grimm, Indiana (67 pages thus far) is of high quality, holds quite a bit of suspense, and has a few key elements that I believe (to my knowledge at least) have never been done in comics before.

Grimm, Indiana is the story of two police officers, Surge, son of the Greek mythological deity Posedion; and Black Cheetah, African fable and legend, trying to discover who killed local meth addict Johnny “Big Bad” Wolfe and local prostitute Mama Bear. Along the way they recruit the help of former prostitute/car theif Snow Whitney. Throw in an anti-racism punk rock group fighting the Klan which is lead by Pierce Charming, and put it all into a small hick town in Indiana, and you have Grimm, Indiana.

The second award I would like to be considered for is Best Writer
The writing and art are all my own, and I believe the dialogue that I write is very well thought out, extremely realistic, and very relatable. While I don't want to sound full of myself, I do believe the ink work is top notch as well.

The third award I would like to be considered for is for Best Artist. I believe there aren't too many other comics here on Drunk Duck that have the artwork done traditionally (as most seem to be poser or sprite comics, or at least the ones I've seen) and when it comes to traditional art, I believe my work in Grimm, Indiana speaks for itself.

Thank you for your consideration.
-Craig DeBoard
Creator/Writer/Artist of Grimm, Indiana

Craig DeBoard
Production Artist/Illustrator
“Grimm, Indiana” - Creator, Writer, Artist
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lostie815 at 7:29PM, Sept. 3, 2011
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Please consider The Silver Eye for these categories! Thank you! :D
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El Cid at 8:56PM, Sept. 3, 2011
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Best 3D/Poser: My comic is indefensibly vile and debauched, but despite that I do believe it's one of the Duck's best examples of quality 3D artwork integrated into a comic format. No, scratch that: It's THE best example. Hey, I'm not getting any points for modesty!
Best Adult: Death P*rn won this award last year. Its heady mixture of barf-inducing violence, frathouse porn, and naughty animations should qualify it as a standout guilty pleasure for not-so-discerning audiences.
Best Bad Guy (Toad): This repulsive, mutating, potty-mouthed misanthrope is the epitome of evil.He even trounces other bad guys in his bloody climb to the top of the criminal food chain.
Best Supporting Character (Otis): Otis's transformation from mass-murdering hillbilly cop to crusader for justice is an inspiring testimony to the power of hope, compassion, and Burt Reynolds.
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El Cid at 9:02PM, Sept. 3, 2011
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Oh, and Death P*rn also won Most Deliciously Offensive last year, so I definitely hope to get a chance at defending that title. A good few gross-out moments and some not-so-PC bits in there as well. It's a comic pretty much guaranteed to ruffle the feathers of pretty much any reader with good taste or self respect. Not much from the comic I can show here, unfortunately, so I'll just leave you all with this:
Strain42 at 9:07PM, Sept. 3, 2011
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I would like to nominate my own comics in the following categories
Persona 4TW - Best Humor Comic
Persona 4TW - Best Parody/Tribute
Main Character - Persona 4TW - Best Protagonist
Teddie - Persona 4TW - Best Supporting Character
FeMC and Shinjiro - Persona 3 FTW - Best Couple/Duo
Persona 3 FTW - Best Completed Comic
P3FTW got nominated for a few of these last year, and I'm hoping that maybe the successor can take the prize.
Mitaukano at 10:48PM, Sept. 3, 2011
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Shamelessly nominating my comic Eternity Dreams http://www.drunkduck.com/Eternity_Dreams/

the board isn't being friendly to my other suggestions for awards so I will put those in a seperate post in a bit =D
DaWaterRat at 7:50AM, Sept. 4, 2011
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I would like to suggest Muse of a Knight
Best 3D Comic - And carefully filtered to mitigate the impact of the 3D figures.
Best Plot Development - Every page develops the plot, the character and/or the world.
Best Couple or Duo - Morgan and Tanhuel

Thank you for your support.
Banes at 8:53AM, Sept. 4, 2011
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Edit: Fixed the linkage…thanks Niccea.
Ryugou For Best Anthropomorphic Comic
Heroes Alliance  For Best Community Comic
Minion  For Best Fantasy/Best Humor Comic  

Lander - For Best Background Art
Blue Circus - For Best Character Design
The Compozers - For Best Character Design and Layouts (may be already nominated for these as well as other things; if so, I second!
Strange Case -  Also for Best Layouts
Typical Strange - (my comic)  For Best Dialogue
Distance and Time - For Best Plot Development
Grimm Indiana  - For Best Use of Color
Just Another Day -  For Best Use of Black and White
Abby Sanders - Also For Best Use of Black and White

Best Supporting character: SHARI from Minion

Nicest User: ayesinback
Funniest User: skoolmunkee! And ozoneocean! Do comedy teams count?
Most Supportive Reader: ghostrunner
Most Dedicated Creator: usedbooks and ghostrunner
Most awesome admin/mod: skoolmunkee and Niccea seem good

Best Story Comic: Pewfell

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Niccea at 8:58AM, Sept. 4, 2011
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I'm putting the images up into the comic right now. Spreading out the releases.
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houseofmuses at 2:48PM, Sept. 4, 2011
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I agree with Tantz, too bad there's not a drama category! My sci-fi series A Deviant Mind is even hotter than my previous Drunk Duck Award winning series, House of the Muses. I'm presently wrapping up House of the Muses #9, the final issue of my series, but ADM is destined to go on. Check it out at http://www.drunkduck.com/A_Deviant_Mind/
Genejoke at 3:08PM, Sept. 4, 2011
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Best 3D/poser comic is going to be hard won as there is some really strong contenders.  
So I will throw another into the mix, not that I expect it to beat any of those put forward but someone may take pity on it and vote.
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Gunwallace at 6:09PM, Sept. 4, 2011
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Some nominations of comics (and people) I don't want to see overlooked.
Best Plot Development: The People Who Melt in the Rain
Best Use of B&W: Lola
Best Overall Story Comic: The People Who Melt in the Rain
Most Helpful User: Genejoke
Most Dedicated User: Asbin
David ‘Gunwallace’ Tulloch, www.virtuallycomics.com
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Lopriest at 8:19PM, Sept. 4, 2011
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Other categories to consider:  
Best Background Art
Best Dialogue
Best Horror Comic
Best Supporting Character: Roxy.
Thank you for your consideration.

BSP_Curt at 6:57PM, Sept. 5, 2011
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Hi All! I'd like my comic, Curse of The Black Terror, to be considered for the following awards.
I'm really gunning for best superhero comic though!

Okay, maybe I'm reaching on this last one.
TheFlyingGreenMonkey at 2:36AM, Sept. 6, 2011
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I'd hope that my comic No Talent would be considered for best Humor.
I think The Pirate Balthasar should be nominated for quite a few categories. Humor, Dialogue, Couple = Doctor and Kes. Heck even best overall story.
A few others to think about Anathema,and Cerintha.

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harkovast at 7:48AM, Sept. 6, 2011
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I think a lot of people around here would be rather disapointed if I didn't start shamelessly promoting my own efforts to get awards!
Vote for me in as many categories as your consciences will allow!

For more Harkovast related goings on, go to the Harkovast Forum
Niccea at 11:24AM, Sept. 6, 2011
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I'm still adding the for your consideration images into the comic, but I may stop adding them when the ballot goes live (that is in a week).
mat_draws_evan at 1:02PM, Sept. 6, 2011
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Is there a limit to how many awards you can ask to be considered for? 
Niccea at 1:46PM, Sept. 6, 2011
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mat_draws_evan wrote:
Is there a limit to how many awards you can ask to be considered for? 
Not really, but I would prefer it if it is only one consideration post per comic. Because of the nature of the categories, it is self restricting.
It seems that most people are sticking to a ball park of 5.
Dark Pascual at 11:36PM, Sept. 6, 2011
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Time for some promotion!!!
Check out Shaman Quest and Nominate it For:
-Best 3D/Poser
-Best Action Comic
-Best Duo
Sturstein at 12:38AM, Sept. 7, 2011
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Valentine's Dei for Best -
Character Design
Comic Layouts
Plot Development
Use of Colour
Overall Story
and Dominique Valentine for Best Good Guy/Girl. 
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