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Fortune Books looking for new writers.
BytheGods at 6:59AM, Sept. 3, 2011
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Hey, are you a writer?
Do you think you can write a monthly 10,000 word novella?
If so you might want to consider joining Fortune Books!
What are the benefits?
Free publishing for one, Fortune doesn't cost you anything to sign with us - We pay to advertise your work, we buy your cover and we make your book!
It's a great chance to meet new writers, creating a community of people who share a love for writing, converse about books and collaborate in the same universe (explained in a moment)
Of course that's not everything though you get paid for your work too, you get a 25% percent of every book sold by Fortune.
What are the specifications?
At the moment we're mainly looking for science fiction writers, the main thing there is you must have a passion for writing and enjoy sci-fi.
You must be willing to work with other writers, no book series is seperate they are all under the same universe…it's what we're aiming for. This means that anything big that happens in this universe happens in all the series, you can have others bring their characters over and collaborate on cool storylines with other writers.
You must be able to write 10,000 words a month, that's a standard issue.
Your storylines must revolve around the year 2503, you can write about anything in the boundaries of science fiction; currently we have two writers - one is writing a book series about a Space Adventurer and the other is writing about a Frigate ship…but the choice is yours.
You must be okay with critism, we're not asking anything from you except your work and to have a good time writing  but we will make comments on how to improve your writing and hope that in turn you can give other writers a hand.
That's it!
If this sounds like something your interested in, send an e-mail along with some of your work to ‘’ - (Your work will not be passed on to others, it will remain confidential and if you want I will look at it and give you a free opinion) 
You can also contact me if you want more information.

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