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malware warning issued by web browser when you go to this site ( drunkduckcomics)
John the guard at 8:21AM, Sept. 10, 2011
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 when i logged in today. my webbrowser went red and said this site has malware etc. 
is drunk duck compromised ? i am wondering if anyone else has received a message similar to what i got. what happened was i clicked on my bookmark and it took me to this site but instead of sending me here to the login screen it gave me a warining message about malware dectected on this site and how it is dangerous.
I like this site and the service it provides the internet community. i am posting this thread in an effort to if anything help this site. i apologize in advance if this may cause unrest in the drunkduck community. thank you for taking the time to read this. I am concerned about this site because i like it very much. It would depress me very much if anything or anyone were to tamper with it. 
Xade at 2:44PM, Sept. 10, 2011
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i got a what the heck moment too. I copied and pasted it here. Shame I didnt think to take a snapshot :(

Warning: Something's Not Right Here! contains content from, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.
Google has found malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you've visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it's possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed, and perhaps try again tomorrow or go somewhere else.
We have already notified that we found malware on the site. For more about the problems found on, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page.

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skoolmunkee at 1:08AM, Sept. 12, 2011
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I suspect it's a bad ad, but of course unless you load the bad ad we don't know which one it is…. We've let Lawrence know but he hasn't responded to that issue other than to say he'll put the ad guys onto it. I can pass along that URL info, that might be of some help to them.
Sorry guys. :[

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