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In desperate need of critique...
Limbo212 at 12:35PM, Sept. 14, 2011
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So I guess everyone on here is probably an artist and has been for quite a while. I, on the other hand am not an artist but I enjoy reading comic books and would like to doodle my own some time. (I don't have big aspirations to be a professional or anything. Just be a little doodler). I'd like to get a tablet and work with digital art personally, but I figure I might as well get the basics down first. To me, art and drawing seems like the kind of thing people pick up in their childhood….

However, I'm on ground zero here. Little no artistic history and therefore…skill. However, I'm willing to look like a fool with my doodles out (Umm…don't read that the wrong way…) in order to get better and possibly create my own webcomic/story some day.

Here's a simple drawing of Harley Quinn, with a crappy pencil and eraser.

Yeah, I need help and tutorials on how to draw faces…and you know…everything else :P
All kinds of critique would be helpful, honestly. If you know of any websites or forums for beginners, I'd be happy to be informed of them.
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Genejoke at 3:27PM, Sept. 14, 2011
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right then…  the biggest issue is the anatomy and proportions of the upper body.
this tutorial may help you.
I think thatr may be enough to put you on the right tracks, the other aspect to consider is shading.

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