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bookmarks that work
felderup at 4:33PM, Sept. 18, 2011
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so, there's this thing called an address, and saving this address, is supposed to allow someone to go directly back to the last thing they were looking at… fascinating thing. yet it doesn't seem to work more than a short time on drunkduck.
only a few months ago, this:
would have taken me to a page, with a comic on it, now it doesn't, of course, this isn't the first time that links have been broken, across the entire site, and likely won't be the last.

my suggestion, is that somehow, the numbers remain consistent for easy editing of addresses, or have the ‘next’ links go to the next page, with the -new- link setup.
ozoneocean at 9:03AM, Sept. 19, 2011
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Yup, we know. :)
Unfortunately this is a whole new site with a different codebase and a different way of doing things so no old links will work anymore. It's just how the programmers did things. SOrry man. It'ss the least of the issues we have currently though.

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