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Can't upload new comic strips...
jercoxthealmighty at 6:49AM, Sept. 23, 2011
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Every time I try to upload a new comic strip, I get a 502 Bad Gateway error. It's been happening for the last three days. I've tried waiting it out, I've tried logging out and logging back in, I've tried using a different browser… nothing works…
I've now fallen behind on my daily comic. Any chance anyone knows how to fix this?
skoolmunkee at 1:44AM, Sept. 24, 2011
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Would you be willing to add me as an assistant and then e-mail me the pages and author comments you want? (skoolmunkee at gmail)
Otherwise, here's the help page I have about not being able to upload pages, but I don't think it will help you:
Is it a new problem that is just starting to happen now (but you've been able to upload pages since the changeover with no problem), or have you not tried uploading pages since the changeover and now that you are, it doesn't work?
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jeremyscheidel at 7:18PM, Nov. 23, 2011
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I've also run into a point where I can't upload my strips. When I press the Save Pages button, it brings me right back to the same page. It's been doing this for a few days now. What should I do?
ozoneocean at 12:27AM, Nov. 24, 2011
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Have you tried loging out and logging back in again?
Clearing your browser cache?
Trying a different browser?
Thse are all good preliminary things to try whenever you run into these sorts of errors.
-Te 502 thing though has nothing to do with your own comp. If you get that it means it's asite error.It usually clears up after a while.
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