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Zappit Toons at 1:45PM, Sept. 24, 2011
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Hey, I'm Zappit, author/illustrator of Pixel 2.0, the relaunch of Pixel
New site:
This is my second time at the Duck with those characters, and I'm really excited about this relaunch.
As for me, I'm colorblind, a big fan of pen and ink work, and work with an ancient version of Photoshop for lettering purposes. And I'm saying “Howdy!”
ayesinback at 4:48PM, Sept. 25, 2011
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Howdy right back at ya, Zappit,
Colorblind, huh?  That can make comic-making a challenge.  But I can defnitely think of one asset it brings.
Have fun  :-)
You TOO can be (multiple choice)
MyDesk at 6:28PM, Sept. 27, 2011
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Cool art, a little light for a relaunch starter comic though eh?  How many do you plan on doing?
Zappit Toons at 4:08PM, Sept. 28, 2011
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I'm going with an ongoing graphic novel format, so it's going to be one a week until I simply run out of storylines, which won't happen for a while.
Darwin at 5:05PM, Oct. 2, 2011
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Hello there!  Welcome back!  Stopped by the site and I like what I see so far!  I will be faving this one and keeping an eye on it!
Great stuff!
Zappit Toons at 2:35PM, Oct. 5, 2011
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Thanks, Darwin. I appreciate it.

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