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WANTED: screentoner/shader for mid-length comic
enchantedsleeper at 3:22PM, Sept. 29, 2011
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DISASTER! The safety and security of the playground is being threatened by a deadly Domino Bully! Can our hero Eric find a way to vanquish his arch-rival Dominic and prove himself to be the superior Domineer? Or will he fall victim to the girlish charms and clumsy Shoujo antics of Lindsay the Love Interest?
Hey! Like the sound of the synopsis above? Think you might be interested in working on this project as a screentoner/shader? Then please read on! :D
I'm enchantedsleeper and I head up an online comic studio called Catalytic Productions. We work together to produce all different kinds of comics, one of which is a manga parody called ‘Domino Disaster’ whose synopsis you (hopefully!) just read. We've been working on it for some time now, and we've got a finished script, storyboards, an artist, letterist, and inker… everything except a toner. Our last one had to bow out of the studio due to real-life pressures, and so now we're looking for someone to hopefully tone the rest of the comic for us.
The comic is about sixty pages long, which is something you should bear in mind, because we're hoping that whoever applies to this position will stick it out until at least the end of the comic. (If you wanted to stay on and work on other projects with us, well, we wouldn't say no! xD) Our previous toner completed two pages before she left, but the rest of the comic is up for grabs. (By which I mean that it all needs doing. x3) Domino Disaster is currently being serialised in an online magazine, so you'll get the satisfaction of seeing your handiwork in e-print, as well as the experience of working on the comic. We're willing to help you out every step of the way and give you feedback on your toning skillz to help make them even more awesome xD
As for workload, we'd like a minimum of three pages toned per month so that we can keep up with the deadlines set by the magazine DD is being printed in; of course, if you want to do more than that and get through the project faster, that's great -  as long as our artist manages to keep up xD
Here are some examples of the lineart you'll have to work with:
Yeah, the styles are different because our original artist for the project left and the one you see in the second example took over from page 12 onwards. It shouldn't cause you a problem, though.
How to contact us: Okay, now here's the slight catch. Our comic studio is based on a site called Gaia Online and most of what we do (chatting, hanging out, recruiting for new members and other admin type things) takes place in the forums of that site. You don't need to be a member of Gaia Online to work with us but you might find it useful, in terms of being able to get to know the other studio members and keeping up to date with what's happening. The magazine we're serialising DD in is also a Gaia-based publication, Gaia-zine. Gaia is free to sign up to so the choice is yours: whether you want to join the site and work with us on there or work ‘remotely’ and keep in contact via email and perhaps instant messenger, deviantART or something like that. (We do have a group on dA but there's really nothing there unfortunately x3)
Anyway, the email address for the studio is; send us an email our reply to this thread if you're interested in working with us!
Thanks for reading!
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